G'day from downunder Sydney

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    I bought my iPad (1) to use with a budget autocue (teleprompter) system user my iPhone 4 as a controller (I run a video production business) - it works fantastically well, though I would not recommend it for live changes as there is currently no remote text editing with the app I use (ProPrompter). iPad is a sluggish text editor in any case. I am currently re-typing this post on my PC because when I clicked on a smiley button to the right it lost my post and I couldn't face retyping it on the iPad!

    So my first tip - don't click on the "more" link on the smileys - it evokes a popup on Safari and you'll lose your post - least I did:) Plus when I checked on IE there are no more smileys in the popup anyway!

    Tip #2 - when you get your iPad, the first thing you should do is turn off autocorrect under keyboard in settings. Just about every Google search I did it changed my search - made you want to bang your head against a brick wall (that's the d*mn smiley I was looking for)....

    If you can't spell this might be a bad tip .. take it or leave it but I found it the most most frustrating iOS "feature". I know what I want to type!

    Most requested iPad feature - keyboard arrow keys. I'll put my vote in - I hate the magnifying glass.
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    Welcome, from Cali!

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