Greetings from western NY state (USA)

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    Hi. Thought I'd take a moment to de-lurk and introduce myself.

    I am the pleased-as-punch owner of a 16gb Wifi/3G iPad. I originally bought it to use as a "couch web-surfing appliance," but I am finding out I can do a lot more with it. Very nice.

    I have never owned a touch screen device and my current cell phone (that I usually forget to take with/turn on) is a cheap Tracfone...

    My first impression of the iPad is: Oh my goodness, this thing is fun to play with! I can already see I will have to keep a careful eye out to make sure I don't spend all my time toying with this...

    I am retired and pursuing a 2d college degree (B.S. Accounting). So, I use it mostly at home, in the original purchase mode: couch surfing. However, I do take it to school and am finding it quite handy there. For one, I can keep my homework assignments on it and just use the iPad when it's time for review versus having to waste all that paper. Cool!

    Frankly - I am finding more and more ways (excuses?) to use this thing. Oh, and I should be barred from the app store ... or at least have my credit card locked up. Yeah, I mostly get the freebies, but some of these apps are hard to resist!! :D Oh, and I've ordered an Oberon cover for it because 1) they are gorgeous (!) and 2) I wanted one (well, the iPad should be protected, right?).

    Nope, it won't replace my desktop set-up for hard-core typing, nor will it replace my e-reader (a Pocketbook 360°), which weighs in at a mere 5.3 ounces - great for extended reading.

    But, it definitely serves the purpose for which I bought it ... 100-fold! And, I've got more uses out of it than I anticipated. For example, I can text/be texted for free - without having to turn on the #$%(#* cell phone or using that teeny-tiny non-QWERTY keyboard! Ultimately, it was an impulse buy (cause it sure as heck wasn't a NEED) that I am completely happy with. Yay for me!

    Thanks for letting me ramble a bit - and thanks for having such a helpful forum. I haven't had any problems with my device, but it's nice to read all the tips and tricks. 'Preciate it.

    /De-lurking ... now back to your regular programming. :)

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Welcome, Marilyn! Love your avatar!

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