Former Microsoft CTO creates beautiful culinary app for iPad/iPhone

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    Nathan Myhrvold was Microsoft’s chief technology officer back when the company was run by Bill Gates. Myhrvold is currently also the co-founder of Intellectual Ventures, a patent acquisition and licensing business company. But besides technology and science, the former Microsoft CTO is also passionate about food and he is the principal author of Modernist Cuisine, a six volume foodie encyclopedia that is retailing for a whopping $500.

    Now, one of the world’s most expensive and appreciated cooking encyclopedias has been transformed into an interactive cookbook app that is perfectly suitable for the iPad. The interactive digital cookbook is the fruit of a development team of 10-15 people that have worked over nine months on the project. The app contains 37 technique videos, 416 recipes and 1,683 photos.

    The fact that even a former Microsoft CTO chooses to release an app for iPad and iPhone users proves that it remains the best tool to promote your digital creations, even if they cost $80. The iPad makes sure there are consumers for any type of content.

    Source: Windows Report
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