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Discussion in 'Jailbreak Applications & Tweaks' started by ThreeDawg, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Quick little review on FolderLock, a great Cydia app I use on a regular basis to keep family members out of my Photos, Games, Notes, Settings, Ect, when they want to take a look and see how a jailbroken IPad handles.

    First off, a quick thing on what FolderLock actually does. Give me a moment to light my cig/timer....

    Annnnd LIT!

    The FolderLock Cydia App is a app accessible through Settings only. This means, it can only be accessed via the Settings icon.

    This app allows you to put down a password, to lock one or more of three things.

    1. Spotlight ( Your Search function on your home screen. You may search, but not access any Apps VIA search, without a password. )

    2. Multitasking ( You may open multitasking to close down any app, but you may not open any app via multitasking without a password. )

    And my personal favorite...

    3. This allows you to lock down itself, allowing people to look, but not access the settings to disable the lockdown. It locks Settings with the same password as everything else.

    By default, it also locks all folders, so if you want to restrict access to specific things, stuff them in a folder!

    If you ever lock everything down, and forget the password, and are unable to get into settings, there IS a failsafe!

    You can remove it via SSH, which safely both deactivates, and removes it. All you would need to do then, is re-install it, and put in a password you would REMEMBER this time!

    Here's the quick review, down to the filter almost, 40 seconds left on the clock!

    Great app, has great potential, limitless things you can potentially use it for. Want to let family use it, and make sure they cant screw anything up? This is the app for you. Want to make sure no one finds those.. * Cough * odd * Cough * pictures you may have forgotten to hide? This is the app for you. Want to make sure your kid only plays games, and does not follow directions he learned on youtube, to delete Cydia? This is the app for you!

    Go now, and check it out!

    Annnnd FILTER!

    Adios everyone!
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    Nice review, ThreeDawg, thanks.

    I've added the tweak to the The iPadForums Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks so that random browsers can find it from there, also.

    Oh, and as of today, it's $1.59 (USD). Just so's you know... :)


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