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    [ame=""]YouTube - Get the new Newsday iPad application[/ame]​
    Check out this really clever ad that’s featured on the New York Times’ Bits blog, which shows how there’s still one way in which the iPad is inferior to a printed newspaper - it makes a really lousy fly swatter! The ad is actually for Long Island and New York City newspaper Newsday’s iPad app, and features a man enjoying reading the app at his breakfast table, before attempting to swat a pesky fly with it, only to find that smashing your iPad down hard on a table isn’t actually a very good idea. It makes me wonder whether or not they used a stunt iPad though, as I thought iPad screens were supposed to be tougher than that? I hope I never get to find out if mine’s that easy to smash! Bits points out that the Newsday app has many useful services, such as offering Long Island news, local sports scores, and the chance to scroll through local live traffic cams, but unfortunately it’s totally useless when it comes to swatting flies!<o></o>
    [FONT=&quot]Source: The New York Times<o></o>[/FONT]

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