Disc Dropper

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    Disc Dropper

    Make your opponents play for you. Paths open and close. But not on their own. Only by sending Discs on their way. On the way downwards. Solely redirected by the arrow fields on the playing board.

    The task looks simple: Play all the discs.
    However, the problem is not: In which order?
    The solution? It depends. On the board. On your opponents. On You.

    Disc Dropper is a brand new strategy game in which every match is different. On one iPad play against up to three friends or alone against the bot. Always on randomly generated playing boards.


    Interested? A small number of promo codes is reserved until end of May. Feel free to send me a private message or an E-Mail to: AppSupport (at) codenameX.de

    Have fun playing!

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