desperate and lost on Bluetooth connections for iPad3

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by jerseyjeepgurl, Jul 2, 2012.

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    It's my 1st iPad, but not my first Mac - we have three in the house my MBP 17" has been upgraded by me, with new RAM, a TB and a 640GB drive in place of the Optical Drive. I have also worked on both of the Mini MACS in the house, with hew Hard Drives and RAM as well,,,, while not the easiest items to work on, it was also not too difficult, (I say this because I want you to know that, I can actually work on my MACS and not have any problems, even when it involved taking out my Optical Drive for an added hard drive,,,, but now I have this little 10 inch tablet in my hands, I paid mega bucks for the newest edition because I didn't want to have to upgrade it anytime soon, and is making me want to pull out my flippin hair.
    ****It's an iPad3 with 64gb and wifi only****
    In one short week, I have tried all of the products listed below:
    *Two different iHome iPad 3 compatible keyboards that were in a portfolio type holders
    *An older wireless Apple Keyboard, and a newer type Apple Mini Wireless Keyboard
    *A Logitec wireless (made for ip3 - the aluminum body type that the iPad fits into)
    *2 different Zagg Folio keyboards
    *iHome iDM5B keyboard with the speakers built in (see here) iHome iDM5 Executive Space-Saver Station
    all have been made specifically FOR the ipad 3's (with the exception of the apple keyboards) and they won't work.
    Here is what is happening
    ***When I hit the bluetooth sync up the circular device icon starts to spin and will NOT STOP, (it's still going it's been going for over an hour). When it does find a device, I get a code, when I input it and hit enter, it states that it is connected, but all remain unresponsive. NONE of them will actually sync up. It will state "____Keyboard connected", but they will not work. I'm getting absolutely NO responsiveness in any of them. It's really making me nuts. Can ANYBODY help me out here? My iPad is exactly a week old, and I have a problem with my hands, from complications of my Lupus, and need a keyboard,,,,,,I'm desperate.:( What I am in need of is a step by step set of instructions that are known to have worked for others, if there is somebody out there that has paired up a device with their iPad3, I would be forever grateful.
    Thanks so much
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    Ok im on ipad 3 /4g 5.1.1 and using apple bluetooth keyboard
    turn on bluetooth on both ipad and apple keyboard
    try to connect a window should pop up asking for you to punch in 4 digit number in window box
    thats it!
    my ipad 3 (jailbroken ) has
    wireless bluetooth keyboard+ beekeyboard= i can controll screen and pick apps ect .
    bluetooth wirless jabra earpeice for all audio - just pair as normal.
    * voice controll without siri is available as well - i say mail it opens mail ect ,you can create your own voice actions aswell in settings menu
    -)if you cannot connect bluetooth devices
    1 make shure bluetooth is on and you not in airplane mode
    2. make shure it was not a cydia app you installed that broke bluetooth try to uninstall it whatever it was.
    3.reboot and try again.
    4. pair bluetooth devices with other stuff to make shure its working before .
    5.reset by holding home and power for a couple of seconds.
    5. full restore or update.

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