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    Steve Rizzi released Reeder for iPad in June 2010. It has been well-received.

    On December 22, 2010 he claimed that there were few differences between his App and MobileRSS HD 3.0 released by NibiruTech Limited on December 21, 2010 (claiming a "new UI"). To back up his claim, he created a web page with many side-by-side screen shots of Reeder for iPad and MobileRSS HD [Find the difference...].

    TechCrunch picked up the story and reported on a community backlash[Reeder Calls Out MobileRSS For Design Theft, Community Backlash Begins]. The story has been repeated at the AppShopper [ Blog Archive Developer Dilemma: ‘MobileRSS HD’ Looks A Lot Like ‘Reeder’].

    Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of traffic on the topic on the Reeder twitter feed [Reeder (reederapp) on Twitter]. MobileRSS HD has been removed from the Extras page at Instapaper and pulled from the App Directory at ReadItLater.

    NibiruTech Limited has added the following to the description of their App (a master of understatement): "We're submitting an update (version 3.1) which will modify some UI elements which have been controversial in the last update."

    Check out the "Find the Difference" web page and decide for yourself whether you should be boycotting MobileRSS HD and other Apps from NibiruTech Limited.

    Competitive products include, besides Reeder for iPad,

    • NetNewsWire
    • Byline
    • NewsRack
    • Feedly
    • River of News


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