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    OK, so how many of you know what .(dot) onion is/means? If you do not know that extension, Google it and prepare to be amazed.

    Do you have TOR installed?

    Ever been to the Dark Web?

    For those that do not know, the vast majority of the Internet is NOT searchable and it is NOT indexed by Google. Most people have never experienced the vast majority of the wonders of the rest of the web they have never seen. Your browser will not let you play. Get into it and you might be amazed to learn that your part of the visible web is tiny compared to the whole thing. You think the web is large? Well, start exploring the Dark Web and you will learn just how small Google is. Unless you have something like a TOR browser installed, .onion sites are off limits.

    So, I want to know. Who here has found good deals on the illegal stuff easily found on the parts of the web you have never, ever visited? Or more likely, looked at the terabytes of useful data Google will never reveal to you. Places you should avoid; places that are so blatant in what they sell, you wonder how they get away with it? Places that can be highly useful and legal and cool as well.

    Avoid the endless PayPal accounts for sale sites with guarantees that they are still valid with existing balances, available for a convenient BitCoin payment. Or the (I think) good prices for things that one should never, EVER take internally. Let's look at the good parts and avoid the crud.

    Not to say the DW is evil, it is simply not indexed and the parts most of you never see are said to be 500 times larger than what you can see. Imagine that: as large as you think Google and the rest of the web is, the DW is said to be 500 times LARGER than every site Google indexes! The good data is large compared to the questionable stuff most here would likely avoid. Let's avoid talking about stuff the mods will likely shut down and look at a fascinating place.

    So lets hear from you brave souls that know TOR and onion and share stories. Do some of you surf the parts of the web the others never see? And to (hopefully) keep this a friendly and usefully thread, avoid posting the bad stuff. Lets talk about the stuff below the surface all the while understanding that the good outweighs the bad.
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