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    My website, (DO NOT GO THERE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) has just been hacked by kaMtiEz. I also notice that my web host's site has also been hacked. I don't know what this means as yet and I am trying to get additional information. Any knowledge or info you can share will be appreciated. Post it here. My email seems to work but I recommend you not send any e-mail to my bweasel address. Place you post here. If you would like me to contact you, I will send you an email with a different return e-mail address.

    5/3/2011 11:15 AM My web host sent me the following message which I do not completely understand.

    We are checking into the issue and will be back to you shortly. It seems
    that this is something on a couple of computers of people who have accessed
    a certain sites at it shows this on your browser after you access a certain
    site on the server then it will not show you any site. We are dealing with

    (Typos above are not mine)

    My web host tells me that now everything is OK and it looks good from my end. After talking with my web host it is my understanding that the problem was at the host’s site and not after all. I now invite everyone to visit my site and know that it is secure.

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