Could iPad 2 Userland Jailbreak be on the Way?

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    According to a report today on The iPad Guide, Comex, the hacker behind the userland jailbreak, has just dropped a visual clue hinting at the fact that he may have come up with that ever elusive jailbreak for the iPad 2. The clue is in the form of the above intriguing image, that was posted just a few hours ago on and also mentioned on Comex’s Twitter. The iPad Guide interprets the picture of someone skiing to be a cunning and crafty reference to the iPad and iPhone root password, “alpineâ€, possibly hinting that Comex and co now have the iPad 2 root, while the sign on the tree that says “PDF†could be referring to a newly discovered PDF exploit. This could also tie in with rumours that surfaced earlier this week that a userland jailbreak for the iPad 2 was on the way. Or it could simply be a nice holiday snap! We’ll just have to wait and see!

    Comex Hints iPad 2 Userland Jailbreak Imminent | The iPad Guide

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