Could Apple Patent Be Hinting at a Desktop iPad/iMac Hybrid?

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 25, 2010.

By Maura on Aug 25, 2010 at 6:48 AM
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    CNN has picked up on a story from Patently Apple, the website which forensically examines Apple patent applications for anything juicy, which this time has revealed a very interesting looking device which is referred to in the patent as an “Apple iMac Touch with Flex Baseâ€. This has led many experts to conclude that Apple might be in the process of developing a computer that looks like a desktop computer, and indeed sits on a desktop exactly like a normal computer would, but then, hey presto, it tilts and turns into a huge desktop iPad! Ingenious, no?!

    According to CNN, the patent explains how the device would switch to iOS when in “Slant Mode†from OS X (the iMac’s current operating system) which it would engage when in “Upright Modeâ€.

    Although the patent was first published in January, Patently Apple says that it was only recently able to verify the authenticity of the documents.

    Source: CNN, Patently Apple


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 25, 2010.

    1. Drag Bunt
      Drag Bunt
      If it's got enough juice to run OS X, why does it even need to switch to iOS? Doesn't OS X support touchscreen technology?

      Looks like an HP600 TouchSmart with a tilt screen.
    2. Prasius
      I think it is a natural progression for apple really. I'm guessing the idea about running iOS is to enable a more iPad/iPhone type user experience with certain applications; a desktop version of Flipboard for instance - I think would work very well with an iMac with this technology; and I think the iPad style display would work better than a "traditional" PC layout with window controls and other "clutter".
    3. DroidUser84
      Personally I don't think I would really need to have an iPad on my desktop computer, but certainly would take it as a feature if that's the way the iMacs go and I was in the market for an iMac, which in a year or two I just may be in the market for.
    4. iVan
      Oh, goody! I've been waiting ages for that tablet!:D
    5. Digikid
      Hmm....It would STILL need an optical drive though.....but otherwise looks like an awesome design.
    6. edbern
      Hmmm...this brings to mind a two year old story about an Apple monitor patent that allowed a "computer" -- and that's what an iPad ultimately is of course -- that slides into a monitor to create a desktop solution. Could they have been thinking iPad even back then? Rumor has it that iPad was in development even before iPhone. I'm a newbie here so can't yet post links but do a search on "apple patent monitor slide in" and view the Mac Daily News hit and you'll see what I am referring to.
    7. iVan
      It's ironic that when I first saw a Macbook Air I thought that parts must be small enough to make a tablet with them. The Air must be a grand parent to the iPad.
    8. Temp40
    9. pallentx
      I would rather they make OSX touch friendly and skip the iOS part. It reminds me of the laptop they made a while back that had a windows mobile device on the lid that allowed you to access your Outlook data without booting the laptop. I cant remember who made that one - maybe toshiba?

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