Apple Working on Spaces for iPad According to Patent Application

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    Patently Apple, the website that examines all Apple patent applications for interesting bits and bobs, has found a patent, filed in late 2009, that could mean that Apple is planning on bringing Spaces to the iPad. Not definitely, of course, but it might! For all the non-Mac users out there, Spaces is a way of organizing your windows and apps on your desktop, so that you can group them to suit you and your work methods. According to Patently Apple, in one of the patent application drawings, the iPad is shown to be detecting a pinching gesture. One illustration shows a flowchart detailing step-by-step how Spaces would work with an iPad display. The patent application also shows how windows could be pushed and dragged around the screen. MacStories also notes that according to the patent, a pinching gesture at the top corner of the screen would be used to launch Spaces on the iPad, which it says would be exactly the same as the “hot corner†in OS X.

    Source: Patent Shows that Apple is Bringing "Spaces" to the iPad - Patently Apple, Apple Patent of the Day: Spaces for the iPad

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