Copying playlists from my iPad to my PC

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    My 5 year old iMac (that has rarely been turned off) recently had a hard disk failure. It was a total crash and my old disk was totally fried but I was a good boy and had a backup. Now there were two small flaws with my back up. 1. Chose not to back up the applications - hey all my apps are legal I can download them again. 2. There was a corruption on my backup - one file, that stopped the recovery from time machine.

    Still this was not a problem as you can restore folder by folder. Probably best anyway - there was 5 years worth of junk on the pc... It needed a clear out.

    As Snow Leopard is just out the first thing I did was upgrade. (where did iPhoto go to ?)

    My main problem is that I happily recovered my iTunes library but there were no playlists - I copied the files down and had iTunes re-load them. This is a really good way of getting rid of the duplicates by the way.

    Now I have my playlists on my iPad .... How do I get them from my iPad back onto my IMac ?

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