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    First, Merry X'Mas to everyone.
    I am a Windows person for years
    and I am slowly learning how to live in this new Apple ipad world
    One big advantage is to have your photos store on the ipad.
    I find the native ipad photo app is not user friendly.
    I bought this photo manager pro APPS and its great
    at least I can move, copy, rename and organize my photo alot better
    but when it comes to transferring photo, still a challenge.
    This is a simple process but I just can't get it to work.
    say someone give you a SD or USB stick
    I bought the Apple Camera kit by the way
    it has 2 adapters SD and USB
    I plug in a SD or USB stick, nothing happen, no luck
    can't see any pictures from it....
    how hard could this be huh??
    All I want to do is copy back and forth from and to the USB or SD....
    I wish there is a Windows Explorer thing that you can use in ipad
    If you have a solution please please tell me.
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