ComiXology Launches Read-Only Version for iOS Users

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    Two weeks ago, Amazon has purchased digital comic book seller ComiXology and now we’re seeing the first big chance after the take-over. The ComiXology app has long been one of the top-grossing iPad titles in the App Store, and the new version has been released in order to to circumvent Apple’s 30% cut from purchases made inside the app itself. The new read-only version will require users to purchase comic books via the official website, just like Amazon does with its Kindle app.

    Amazon has did the same thing back in 2011, when it had updated its Kindle app to remove the ability to purchase books from within the app in order to avoid Apple’s in-app subscription and purchases policy. ComiXology recommends that users back up their purchases through their ComiXology account, as the legacy app will continue to work for a limited time, but will be pulled down. Marvel and DC Comics apps are also powered by the ComiXology platform, so this change could soon come to them, as well.

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