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Discussion in 'iPad for Business and Education' started by VDubJae, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I am currently seeking how to take a scanned document, one that has boxes on it to where on paper I have to check good, fair, or poor on it and use this on my ipad, so when ever i open the document, i just have to press on the appropriate box and it checks the box for me and will remain there so this can be printed out. Also it needs to have signature abilities for my directors and I can sign and date this form. I am not sure if anything like this exsists, but please let me know if anything like this is out there.
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    Actually there are a lot of Apps which allow you to set marks on a pdf, as well as signing etc. However you will not find an app which identifies from a scanned document which places are for checking off and which are for signing...

    Another thing woul dbe to pass the form you scanned to a formular- app where you have to design your form yourself - check out iAuditor for this or FormConnect...

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