Camera Interface Usage and File Portability

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    I bought the Apple iPad camera interface that came with two adapters: 1) a secure digital (SD) card interface, and 2) a USB interface.

    The SD interface works great for importing images (and I suppose the USB would too if you used it for importing images from a camera). I tried an experiment with a non-image file this morning. I loaded a pdf into a folder on a thumb-drive named DCIM (typical of image folders in cameras) to see if the iPad would import it. The iPad saw the file, and imported it as expected, but it would not open it (probably because the file was not an image file).

    But now I couldn't do anything with the file. I couldn't move it to my iAnnotate ap or my GoodReader ap. It was just stuck there in the photo gallery.

    Is there anyway to move a file in the photo gallery to another ap?

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