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    My thanks go to MikeOS for coming up with the idea for the new sub forum plus a special thanks to Gabrial1 one of our moderators for his input. The point of this sub forum is to discuss what other gadgets you own regardless of brand or type. This is a fun topic and we look forward to your discussions.

    I will kick start this new sub forum by starting a discussion about a new Golf gadget. This new gadget is rather cool however I think you need to know how to play golf which leaves me out of the loop lol
    My handicap is so low I am not even a blimp on the horizon but regardless it caught my eye.

    iPING needs an adapter for your Ping putter and software(iping) for the iphone or ipod(see link) plus an iphone or ipod touch .... Happy golfing Details are below:

    Developed by PING's engineers for all skill levels, the iPING putter app calculates and tracks your Putting Handicap™ (PHcp) to help improve your consistency, the key to holing more putts. All you need is the PING cradle and an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPod Touch (4th Gen) - the App is FREE. Cradles are available at authorized PING retailers

    The iPING putter app is wireless, so you can use it anywhere. Practice and improve at your favorite golf course, at home, or on the road. Every session provides immediate results - leading to more consistency in your stroke.

    iPING's motion sensing technology:

    - Analyzes your impact angle to improve putting mechanics

    - Classifies your stroke rotation to match you with the PING putter model that makes you most consistent

    - Measures the tempo of your stroke to improve control

    - Compares your Consistency Scores with Tour pros and friends


    ** This app requires the use of a physical device (the exclusive PING cradle) to attach your iPhone 4 or iPod touch (4th Gen) to your putter shaft. Cradles are sized for each device.
    Apple store link is App Store - iPING

    This really is not designed for an ipad unless you have one in your cart
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    I'll write a review as soon as I can get my hands on one. I use a TaylorMade putter but it should still work.

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