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    Using an ipad3 with the up do date IOS, (though must mention that this same problem was occuring under the past IOS as well, so I do NOT suspect the updated IOS to be the culprit) and when I use either one of my 2 bluetooth receivers (one is XtremeMac, the other is genric), the music that is sent from the Ipad3 (either from the ipad itself OR from a wi-fi source) fades/dims during playback. This dim occurs intermittently but on a regular basis (maybe 3-4 times in 1 minute of play) This occurs on both of my music systems - home stereo/receiver and a dock system. I have turned off ipad notifications, I have reset Ipad and I have even returned/exchanged one (Xtreme Mac) of the BT receivers, but the problem persists. I suspect that either IPAD3 does not play nice with non-apple bt receivers OR I have something wrong with the ipad.

    There is absolutely no problem in pairing with either of the devices and music selection, volume control works. Distance is not a concern, I have the ipad lying next to the receiver and problem still exists. I have disabled any other BT connection (zagg keyboard) and have even deleted email accounts thinking that the flow of emails might cause the blips/dims.

    Any suggestions? Apple store visit? Very much appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or direction ... be kind lol.

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