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    This is rant:eek:

    I would so much like to "throw" AV output from the iPad to my TV wirelessly using whatever technology (WiFi, BT etc) it takes.

    So far, disappointment seems to be the main outcome.

    Airplay. When playing video content only Airplay audio seems to be available. Why not video?

    In general, I had hoped that Airplay would allow me to output whatever was on the iPad screen, wirelessly to TV. It turns out that only content that an application has chosen to "stream" to to Airplay can but output to TV. It seems to me that, even video apps, can only output sound to ATV. This is very disappointing.

    Bluetooth. I gave up on using ATV output audio to my sound system without going through my TV. I did try using optical output but it won't initiate unless the TV is on.

    I am using the Belkin BT receiver for audio and it works quite well, except, that once audio output (in the iPod app) is switched on, all sound goes to BT. This is what I wanted with video, but not with audio. When playing music via BT To my amplifier, I don't want to hear clicks etc while I use multitasking to do other things on the iPad.

    That's it:). This was cathartic and I feel a little better, but I'm definitely not over it.
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