Bill Gates thinks Windows tablets have a big chance against iPad & Android ones

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, May 8, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on May 8, 2013 at 11:43 AM
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    Even if it’s trying hard to penetrate the mobile market, Microsoft is yet to become a notable presence in the portable device environment. Android tablets and the iPad especially have hogged the attention of tech lovers everywhere across the world. For example, the Apple tablet sales have swept past the 141 million threshold, keeping in mind that the total number of tablet sold, reported by IDC, is situated at 253 million. Out of those, just fewer than 2 million are Surface RT or Surface Pro tablets.

    But even in the face of these facts, CEO Bill Gates remains very optimistic about Microsoft’s future in the tablet sector. He feels that even if users continue to buy iOS and Android tablets, they are secretly unful​​filled because they can’t really type or create documents and presentations, which they could be doing if good old Microsoft Office was there. He believes the market will soon be shifting towards tablets that blend the functionalities of the PC offering a lot more options. Like the Surface RT or Surface Pro of course.

    He explained:

    “Windows 8 is revolutionary in that it takes the benefits of a tablet and the benefits of a PC, and it's able to support both of those – so if you have Surface, Surface Pro, you've got that portability of a tablet but the richness of a PC in terms of the keyboard, Microsoft Office of a PC.â€

    But even if in global terms, Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do, another IDC report showcases that during the first quarter of Q1 Surface has managed to parachute itself in the tablet top five, with a 1.9% share.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, May 8, 2013.

    1. HappyPelican
      I upgraded my laptop to W8 and it definetly took some getting used to. I rather liked seeing MS thinking a bit out of the box even if the two layouts are somewhat redundant. With that being said, I don't think MS does nor ever will have a dog in the tablet race. Between Apple and a few of the higher end Android tablets, there just isn't any place for MS.
    2. s2mikey
      I agree. MS should concentrate on making sure their OS and business apps remain strong and steady. That's their market. Just like apples market is portable devices, phones and tablets. Apple trying to shoehorn their way into business with laptops and desktops would likely also be a fruitless venture.

      As for MS operating systems, I liked XP the best and feel windows 7 and Vista were a tie. I have two toshiba laptops and one has Vista, the other one has 7 on it. The vista one is a little slower but honestly I've had more little issues and hiccups with the 7 system than I have vista. Go figure.
    3. PeterJMelb
      Hello Happy P . . .

      Whats to learn?
      W8 is two systems in one package. At forty bucks the cheapest ever.
      It's so easy to use.
      It is only difficult because people want to turn it into something that was.
    4. AQ_OC
      The thing about Win8's interface is it is totally non-intuitive. The tiles don't bother me one bit (well, I hate the color schemes I see)...but what goes on at the corners and sides of the screen has no logic. Grrgh!
    5. Bob Maxey
      Bob Maxey
      Here is the thing, as they say. Tech is littered with failures and successes and in some cases, I am left wondering why people gravitate to some of the sillyness.

      I can tell you exactly why we failed (Megahertz became part of USRobotics; USR came under the thumb of a tyrent I like to call 3Com, and 3Com became part of MSL). We failed because we stiopped creating good products and for a time, we owned our segment of the grand tech market. Even Apple had to come begging for a time. Give it up for Newton.

      For all we know, Cook will kill Apple. Perhaps with Apple's huge wad-o-cash, it will take more than a Tim Cook to do much damage, but empires topple; people get scared and stop buying and that leads to foundations crumbling.

      For all we know, Microsoft will come up with something brilliant. OK, OK, OK, stop laughing, but even a broken clock is right four times a day.

      Long ago, I stopped assuming that company A will last forever and company B has little to no chance. I missed lots of opportunities to invest in things I "knew" had little to no chance of success. Why do you think I collect empty cans along the side of the road? OK, you are correct, part of that was the judge's doing, but it is a good gig, if you like ants, bugs and spyders.

      Anyway, I love Microsoft and so there!!!
    6. MoonlitSonata
      With the big mistake that is Windows 8, Microsoft really should be smart and give Office to iOS users.
    7. AQ_OC
      Agreed! I want it free, and I want it now! :)
    8. KevinJS
      I think that if Win8 had been released by a different company, as an alternative to Windows, it would have bombed instantly. The default display is hideous, which is surely the most important factor in a GUI. As has already been pointed out, it is also completely no-intuitive, which wins it no friends. When I sit down in front of my Vista beast, I know what I'm doing, and I know how to get where I'm going and how to get back to where I was. Someone could install Win7 on my computer, and as far as operating the thing is concerned, I wouldn't notice. It is simply an improvement. Win8 is a radical departure from the Windows concept, and it's too much of a departure. Not only do I not know how to navigate around it, I find that I don't want to. Even if I manage to get to the familiar screen layout, that Start button is missing, and I can't deal with that. An OS has to be user friendly. It's not the be-all and end-all of a computer system. It's merely the starting point. MS seem to have lost sight of that.

      We are only discussing Win8 as a viable OS because it's Windows, albeit in a strange form. And there is my tie-in to the actual debate. If the Surface had been released by any other company, it would never have been deemed worthy of consideration. OK, so it runs Office, and has a pretty keyboard, which you have to pay extra for. Its feature set, and price point, make it unworthy of consideration in the tablet market. Only the fact that it is manufactured by a company with whom we are all familiar gives it a voice.

      If Ford started manufacturing high-end motorcycles, and proceeded to tell us that Harley Davidson, Ducati and Honda had been getting it wrong, we would laugh at them, no matter how many cars they had sold. The markets are not the same. Ford have no right to be considered as an expert voice in motorcycle manufacture, and Microsoft are in the same position in mobile computing, particularly in tablets.
    9. Richard Brown
      Richard Brown
      Kevin has summed up my concerns with Windows8 nicely.

      I'm sticking to XP as the OS for my PC for as long as is humanly possible.

      Sent from my iPad using iPF
    10. PeterJMelb
      Hello Moonlight . . .

      Just because you say it was a big mistake, does not make it a big mistake!
      IMO it was not a big mistake!

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