Big business secret achievements

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by Chloe11111, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Since we can't post external links, I thought I'd start a thread to track this stuff. Here's where we are now. There are only two left to figure out. Please contribute what you can - what you've tried, etc.

    Passenger Comfort: Acquire one vehicle of each type
    One fell swoop: launch 5 trips simultaneously
    Leave men Alone: Get the population down to zero
    Number of the Beast: have exactly 666 citizens
    Marble Businessman: make 30 marble (doesn't have to be in WH at same time)
    No Excesses: Destroy 500 decorations
    Ingrate: Destroy 300 gifts
    Home, Sweet Home:
    Cowboy is my middle name: build 7 ranches
    Sushi lover: build 10 sushi bars
    Romantic: build 10 romantic places
    Bookworm: build 10 bookstores
    Sweet tooth: build 3 confectionary plants
    Caffeine junkie: building 10 coffeehouses
    Fast food lover: build 10 hot dog stands
    Lover of tropics: build 10 palm trees
    Farmer: Build five farms
    Tennis Aficionado: Build 10 tennis courts
    Vitamin Maniac: accumulate 15 fruit
    Yum yum yum: accumulate 15 cookies
    Beaver buddy: accumulate 15 logs
    Cheeeese: accumulate 15 cheese
    The fever got me:
    I don't need this territory: obtaining all territory in a 3x3 square except the middle one.
    Dictator: Refuse/turn down 500 citizen requests
    Uniter of Nations: buy3 national flags (when available)
    In the event of war: accumulate 10 croissants
    Radiant business: Build two sun cafes
    First-Class Builder: having one of every (not special buildings you buy with dollars though) entertainment building in your city.
    Elite Builder build every entertainment building with dollars
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    I see you have taken up the suggestion to start a new thread for Big Business.

    Nice to see you do this!

    Ski ~ iPadforums Moderator | iPhoneForums Moderator
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    Hands Off!: hit the screen or click (computers) 5 times during loading of the game.
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