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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Dec 28, 2010.

By PhilSynowiec on Dec 28, 2010 at 8:34 AM
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    PhatPad is an App I have been looking for as a college student. I have finally found a note taking App that suits me and can do whatever I need it to do. If you use your iPad for things like school and work, somewhere where you need to take notes, PhatPad should make it easy.

    You start off with a clean sheet of paper and with that, as always, you can let your imagination run wild. Anywhere on your new document, you can draw, make graphs, add text, whatever you need. You can easily switch from drawing to typing, or even writing if you really wanted to.

    Really great note taking App, I suggest you check it out below:
    PhatPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    PhatNotes for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Dec 28, 2010.

    1. JohnMorris
      The Phat Pad is a new note taking application for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s an easy solution for college and university students to create notes.
    2. Victguja
      I think it depends a lot on what kind of notes you take and your personal way to take notes.
      I take a lot of notes daily by writing and drawing. I like handwriting and I am much faster then typing even with the iPad that is for sure slower than taking notes with ink on paper. The big advantage is that you can classify the notes and search in. I do not need often to copy/paste documents, pictures or else in my notes while I need a powerful classification system for my notes.

      I use Note Taker HD and I find it excellent. It has a particular feature that allows you to write in a dedicated region of the screen and it goes automatically, in real time, on your page. This region can be set to advance automatically as you write or can be moved easily anywhere on page. This allows a very high density of information on page as you would have on a real paer sheet. I didn't find something similar in any other note taker that I tried. Another nice feature that I often use is that you can import a PDF and write notes on it and keep this classified together with all your other notes.

      I tried Penultimate but it was not matching my need of filling in the page with as much notes as I would do on a paper sheet and the classification of the notes is weak. You can not have tags and searches based on tags. This is very powerful if you use to search for old notes after a time. You don't have to scroll everything to find what you need. The choice of colors and thicknesses is also poor. The write feeling is good but I wouldn' use it for taking notes.
    3. Heaviside
      My advice is to stY clear of phatpad. I just downloaded it, and it is filled with gee whiz stuff, but the palm protector doesn't work. Without it, you smudge the screen or try to write in an unnatural way.

      If you just must have handwriting recognition, shape recognition, and audio notes, you might want to give it a try.

      But for my money, Note Taker HD is the only one I have found that has seemingly designed with the day to day note taker's needs in mind. I have meen using it for a couple of months and love it.
    4. chowdown
      NTHD's design cleverly deals with two of the thorniest issues faced by the iPad note-taking apps: how to minimize unwanted marks being made by the writer's wrist/palm/little finger, and, how to help the user write smaller and more legibly without sacrificing user comfort.

      The app Neu Notes solves those two problems just as well as NTHD, but in other ways. NN has brilliant palm-protection that actually works and is very well thought out. It has extremely smooth ink and is very easy to zoom in and out quickly. It can't import PDFS, but the app Neu Annotate does.

      This all sounds like a bit of an ad. Sorry about that. I'm not affiliated etc...
    5. Tim SPRACKLEN
      I like Notes Plus. It allows handwriting and typing (and supports Bluetooth keyboards). The handwriting input is very easy, there's the 'palm support' feature (that is found in other note-taking apps) that let's you rest your palm on the screen while you're writing, but doesn't register your palm's touch in that area. Also, you can write with your fingers really large and it condenses the size of your handwriting to a more 'normal' (selectable) size, making it easy to write with fingers and not need a stylus. When writing in this 'large' mode, it constantly updates the 'reduced size text' and, as you get towards the edge of the screen on the right hand side (since you're writing large that will occur quite soon) it displays a 'box' just at the edge of the reduced size writing that you can return to and keep on writing. OK - I've not explained that at all well, but Search for Notes Plus in the App Store and then go to their support web site where they have some great videos that show how this works. Plus you can draw a whole range of free hand shapes and, with its shape recognition, it will 'tidy up' the shapes. It has a voice recording option too.

      There are loads of other facilities too - it may be worth you checking it out.

      The developer is really responsive; if you email him you actually get an answer!!

    6. Hal05154
      I vote for Audionote.

      I think it's best used with a keyboard.

      Records lectures and timestamps when you write something in the note.

      You can draw on it, and type under the drawing. Or freehand write.

      note can be email when your done.

      So far so good. I love it.
    7. zorah
      They're both free anyway! I like them both too. For PDF annotation, I wouldn't have paid for Noterize as I think new Annotate does great, and gosh, is free! (but Noterize is good too, so I go back and forth).
      I use neu Notes as well, and also have several paid note taking apps for variety, depending on what I am doing.
    8. jtrosky
      I've tried just about all of the note-taking apps and I've found these to be the best (at least for my needs):

      AudioNote (my original favorite)
      MentalNote (this replaced AudioNote for me)
      Notability (my current favorite - this is now my default note-taking app)

      All of these are mainly for typed-in notes, but also support audio recording/syncing, drawing/writing, etc... Notability supported bulleted lists, multiple fonts and font sizes, etc.. Pretty awesome stuff. I preferred the typed-in notes because they are searchable. Now, I can easily find that info I took notes on months ago!
    9. Hal05154
      Would you be kind enought to explain why you switched to MentalNote and then Notability? Always looking for something better!

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