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    I posted a similar query regarding using a Quote Tab / Bubble and I Thank You for the Comebacks..It's been Baby Steps since December 1st time using an iPad, lots of different features & shortcuts from a regular PC.. A Couple of Forums I frequent have things more simplified with the proceeder & highlighting only what you want to Quote, complete with Quote Bubble in the top right to start the task on each posted recently joined a DIY forum as we are planning ahead with projects for Spring..As I'm discovering not all Forums are alike and tend to make it a bit of a task to accomplish what you've set out to do or try..The Forum in Question from what I assume or surmised , one needs the BB Code ?? Plus in order to preview what you've typed I get a pop up saying my text is to short ?? Also when posting a reply , in the Reply Box if you will there is no Task Bar long the top... Is that because there is Road Blocks in place if You Will ?? :eek::rolleyes:
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