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    Running a one person service biz from my Verizon ipad and Android phone. (Ready to switch phones anyway if that helps.) My clients' names, e-addresses, and phone numbers are in my Contacts and sync between devices. Currently I enter a client appointment in my phone calendar which propagates to ipad Calendar. To create reminders for clients I manually open calendar date for today plus 2 business days and then manually create a text message, send an email, or make a phone call depending on the client's preference. I want to automate this process. Ideal would be

    1)Set a preferred communication method for each client.
    2)Manually create new Calender appointment.
    3)Automatic process runs daily that sends text or email to clients for today plus two business days. The message is boilerplate like

    Reminder to <Contact Name> for appointment with MyBiz at <Calendar Time> on <Calendar Date>.

    Also creates list for me of clients, telephone numbers, and appointment times for people I must call.

    Anyone aware of an app that does something like this?


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