Audiophile 24 bit-perfect streaming to iPad with battery powered wi-fi servers

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    Since I'm an audiophile, I'd like 24 bit-perfect audio streaming to iPad > CCK > portable USB DAC/headphone amp on the go.

    I've already experimented better sound quality with 24 bits files than with 16 bit files in my home stereo and I'd like a high-end portable everywhere setup with a generic iPad bag, maybe not pocketable for jogging but portable enough for traveling.
    I'd like to roule out jailbroken iDevices for a lot of reasons (iOS updates, updates of apps which follow iOS features, more work and updates with Cydia, warranty support, peace of mind,..) and DIY hardware mods (too many to recap or too difficult to perform).

    iPad internal storage is too limited for big 24 bit files if you have a large collection of music like me.
    if you use any attached to iPad dock storage device you'll loose digital out to external DACs.
    The only possible solutions for me are battery powered wi-fi server devices like Seagate GoFlex Satellite or Patriot Gauntlet Node (for portability not battery powered devices like Western Digital MLB are rouled), but their software (server + player) are not capable to stream and pass to external DAC 24 bit-perfect data without downsampling to 16 bits (not surprised since most setup/config can't).

    Until now the only server and player setup able to do up to 24 bit/96 Khz bit-perfect with FLACs too is iPeng Player for iPad (in-app purchase to unlock it) using only Logitech Media Server (any other setup like PlugPlayer and UPnP servers downsample data to 16 bit regardless HW used or SW settings).

    To be able to use iPeng Player for iPad, have you any suggestion how to install LMS to the mentioned battery powered wi-fi storage devices?


    P.S. I must add that iTune Home Sharing + Apple stock player at 24 bit is for iPad/CCK only, without jailbreak iPhone/iPod Touch are limited to 16 bits, but LMS + iPeng Player can do 24/48 with both too (iPad 24/96), you get FLAC support, sound quality is better and interface so much better organized and faster. Check it out!
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