New 32nm A5 chip in discounted iPad 2 might improve battery life

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    Recently it came to light, that the new Apple TV houses a new A5 single core chip, built using a 32nm fabrication process. Now, news that the newest discounted iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi that’s sold for $399 in the US, indicates it too will use a chip made with the 32nm process.

    Why is this aspect important for users? Well because this new chip might improve battery life for iPad users exists. This theory is backed up by the fact that a smaller processor might lower power consumption, thus improving your battery life.

    After Apple launched its new tablet featuring an A5X processor and a gorgeous Retina Display, it immediately cut down prices for the version of the popular iPad 2. However, there was a little tweak added to the deal. Apple switched the 45nm A5 processor for a new shiny 32nm A5. The same processor might be incorporated into the next generation iPhone 5 as well.

    Reportedly users shopping for an iPad 2 will experience up to 15.8% of battery life improvements while browsing the web, 29% while playing games like Angry Birds and 18% in video streaming.

    It is highly unlikely that the A5 architecture has suffered major surgery, so the smaller and improved 32nm process can be held accountable for the longer battery life experienced by users. Most likely, Apple is testing 32nm territory, months ahead of implementing it into the next generation iPhone.

    By Radu

    Source: Testing shows 32nm A5 chip improves iPad 2 battery life by as much as 16%

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