Archos to Launch iOS-compatible Connected Devices at CES 2014

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    The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner and new technologies and devices will be announced at the world’s biggest tech trade show. Archos is one of the companies participating at the show and it has already announced that it will launch new accessories compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad and Google’s Android operating system.

    Archos will unveil a “selection of smart watches†with a “pebble-like design†at CES 2014, with pricing starting under $50. They will connect to smartphones and tablets by using the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. Besides the new smart watches, the French company will also launch a connected scale and blood pressure monitor and “Connected Home†devices – a mini camera, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug.

    Loic Poirier, CEO of Archos, said the following:

    But this is not all, the company is expected to unveil at CES the Archos Weather Station, which will provide indoor and outdoor climate information, including CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and environmental noise levels.

    Source: Android Central, iPhoneforums

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