Apple's WWDC 2015: Some Important Numbers you Need to Know

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    Apple's WWDC is taking place these days, and the most important things have already been announced yesterday during the keynote. In case you missed it, you can still watch the event, as Apple has made it available online.

    But if you'd like a more statistical approach regarding the event, find below for a full roundup of notable numbers and company stats that have been announced:
    • 26th WWDC
    • Attendees from 70 countries
    • 80% first time attendees
    • Live streaming 30 WWDC sessions for first time
    • 100b app downloads
    • $30 billion paid to developers
    • 55% of Mac users running Yosemite, fastest adoption rate ever for PCs
    • 83% users running iOS 8
    • Siri serves 1 billion requests a week
    • Siri has become 40% faster, more accurate over the last year
    • 3.5x higher usage than next leading Maps app
    • 2500 Apple Pay banks
    • Almost 1 million locations accepting Apple Pay
    • Maps app has 3.5x higher usage than next leading Maps app
    • Maps gets 5 billion requests per week
    • iOS 9 offers 50% reduction in CPU usage for drawing
    • 1 hour extra of typical battery usage for iPhone with iOS 9
    • Low power mode offers addition 3 hours on top of extra 1 hour with iOS 9
    Source: Apple

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