All Signs at WWDC Point to Apple Readying an iPad Stylus

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    Cult of Mac reports today that Apple seems to have dropped a couple of hints at this week’s WWDC that indicate that an official Apple stylus for iPad is in the works.

    First of all, in a talk about Cocoa Touch, which is the new UI framework used by software programs on iOS, Jason Beaver, a senior engineering manager in Apple’s iOS group talked about how iOS 9 “dramatically reduces” touch-to-display latency, which is the millisecond lag from when you touch the screen and the screen reacts.

    Beaver said that iOS 9 also now includes “touch prediction,” which he says is “a very sophisticated algorithm that looks at a touch’s velocity, acceleration and curvature to see where the touch is headed.”

    It’s apparently these two new features that have convinced the experts that Apple is about to introduce a stylus for iPad, as predictive touch technology is very important for styluses.

    Another possible indicator of a forthcoming stylus for iPad is the fact that Apple has added drawing capabilities to iOS 9’s Notes app, so that you can now use different tools to draw with in the app, which was previously text only.

    And while Apple has yet to make any official announcement about an iPad stylus, and, in particular, one for the forthcoming iPad Pro, it certainly does look very much more likely after the events of this week’s WWDC.


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