Newly Revealed Patents Show Apple Was Working on Web Clip Widgets for iOS and an iPa

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    MacStories reports today on two new patent designs granted to Apple and revealed on Patently Apple, that show that Apple has been thinking of enabling users to have web clip widgets on their iPhone or iPad, as well as proving that the rumours that Apple was thinking of giving the iPad a USB slot were in fact true.

    The first patent design shows an iOS web clip widget feature running in iOS Safari, similar to OS X web clip widgets that enable the user to “clip†part of a web page, save it to the Dashboard as a widget, and then get live updates when the webpage updates on the internet. As MacStories points out, neither the iPhone or iPad as yet has the ability to use widgets or Dashboard, but maybe it’s something being considered for iOS 5?

    The second patent design shows an original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G version with a landscape USB slot. Obviously that particular patent design never saw the light of day, as so often happens with Apple patents, but interesting to see that the USB slot rumours that were floating around a while ago were sort of true after all.

    Source: Apple Patents Detail Web Clip Widgets for iOS, iPad with Extra Connector

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