Apple unleashes new “Why You’ll Love iPad†campaign

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    The iPad has managed to enter every single sector of human activity - from medical professionals working with the tablet daily in hospitals, to teachers trying to improve their educational efforts and governmental facilities relying on the fast technology for their assignments. The iPad can do just about anything. But, for those who don’t know it yet, Apple has released its new “Why You’ll Love iPad†campaign.

    If you’re having a deja-vu, the tech giant has released a similar campaign especially tailored for its iconic smartphone – “Why You’ll Love iPhoneâ€.

    You can access the “Why You’ll Love iPad†page from Here the company offers some criteria that should persuade new customers that choosing an iPad is the right solution for them. Apple lists all the awards the tablet has won over the years and the surveys which indicate the iPad to be on top of consumer preferences. There are also details about the wide range of applications, the beautiful screen (in the case of the fully-fledged iPad we have a Retina Display). The webpage lists LTE connectivity, the iOS 6 and the powerful camera amongst others are also listed as uncontestable trumps.

    The introduction of “Why You’ll Love iPad†states:

    “When iPad was introduced, there was nothing quite like it. And there still isn’t. Today millions of people are using iPad and iPad mini to do just about anything you can imagine. Here are a few reasons why they’re loving every minute of it.â€

    Source: CultOfMac

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    I have managed to convert all but 7 of our 16 staff at my clinic to get iPhones!! They all loved it when they got it. We all rave about each others cases and also share ideas of new apps. Sometimes we'll have a small gathering during our break and talk about "tips and tricks" on our iPhones to share with each other! I have also used my iPhone camera to do a Gait Analysis Video on patients of mine to show how they are walking to help them correct their gait sequence!

    Apple products are just the best for me!! :)

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    When I started my present job, about 4 years ago, I was given an atlas of the Canadian oilfields and pretty well told to get on with it.

    Today, I use two apps on the iPad to guide me to where I'm going.

    The difference that the iPad has made for me is life changing, and actually life preserving. Now I can see that the road I'm on is the right one, and I am actually able to slow down drastically while getting more work done.

    Yes! I love my iPad.
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    I got mine as a bonus after doing a well kill operation in the North Sea - Elgin platform was pissing gas everywhere - and what a great bit of kit for on a rig. Read books,listen to tunes,watch films,FaceTime,net etc etc. Ace. I also noticed the helicopter pilots are flying with one as well - think they use it for their HUMS vibration detection systems.
    I'm still just scratching the surface of what this can actually do as well!!
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    I love my iPad, that's for sure. Prior to this I had never owned apple products and quite honestly I didn't have a favorable opinion of the company or its stuff. It's the best tablet by a country mile. I tried all the rest and researched a lot before I bought mine. When the time comes ill buy another and wont even consider any other brand. Can't say I feel the same way about their phones or home systems but their tablets are the creme de la creme. :)

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