Apple Store Name Change Signals New Retail Era for Apple

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    Apple has just made a change to its retail store branding that, although it might seem quite small initially, actually has greater significance than might first appear. Simply, Apple has dropped the word “Store” from “Apple Store,” meaning that Apple Stores will now simply be called Apple, followed by the store’s location, such as the newly opened Apple World Trade Center.

    The Verge reports that the reason behind the name change, which is most likely the work of senior VP of Retail at Apple, Angela Ahrendts, is that Apple’s retail stores are now intended to be much more than just stores where you go to buy Apple products.

    “The store becomes one with the community,” said Ahrendts at the opening of Apple Union Square in San Francisco.

    With some stores already iconic tourist attractions thanks to their incredible design, they also now feature massive 6K video screens, mini-garden areas, and some have even replaced the traditional Genius Bar layout with a place where customers can simply sit, relax, and take a breather.

    MacRumors says that Apple has already e-mailed its retail store staff and told them of the name change, and Apple’s websites have also been already been changed to show the new store names.

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