Apple Set to Open New R&D Centre in Cambridge, England

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    According to a report in Business Weekly today (via MacRumors), Apple is set to open new facilities in Cambridge, England, within the next few weeks.

    The offices are located at 90 Hills Road, which is apparently a prestigious office building, and it certainly looks very nice from the picture!

    The area where the office block is located is very near to the UK offices of Microsoft and Sony, and, in fact, there are more than 1000 technology companies all located in the same area, giving it the nickname of “Silicon Fen.”

    MacRumors says that Apple will carry out research and development work at the new facility, starting out with a reasonably small staff of around 20 employees, with the aim of double that number over the next few years.

    Apple has other R&D facilities in countries such as Israel, Shanghai, Taiwan, and according to MacRumors, the UK has been trying to get Apple to set up an office in Britain for quite some time.

    Source: MacRumors

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