Apple is rumored to open an R&D center in Taiwan

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    Apple is an international company and is no wonder that it chooses to conduct some of its business away from the American shoreline. It’s no secret that the iPad maker has R&D centers in Israel (in Halifa, for example) and China (in Shanghai). According to a new report from web blog VR-Zone, the tech giant is planning to expand its oversea grip.

    Apple might be opening a new R&D center in Taiwan which w​​ill be focused on developing next generation iPhone products. The company will start hiring as soon as this September. The positions the Cupertino giant is looking to fill are diverse but mostly cover the engineering sector. By taking a closer look at the job openings we might be able to form an opinion about the center’s activity. For those interested, Apple is looking for: Hardware Development Engineers, Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineers – Product Displays, Materials Technical Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, Engineering Program Managers and more.

    Apple might be looking to move away from Chinese territory when conducting its affairs, due to the government’s growing aversion towards foreign brands. And let’s face it, moving the iPhone R&D center to Taiwan sounds like a good idea, especially since Samsung is using the services of the Taiwan Silicon Manufacturing Company. More than that, other important Apple suppliers are stationed in Taiwan, so the tech giant would be able to start doing business locally. Nevertheless, most of the R&D process will still take place in the Cupertino offices back in California.

    Source: VR-Zone


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