Apple is Rumored to Open a R&D Facility in Canada

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    According to several sources, Ottawa Business Journal is reporting that Apple has leased office space in the G. Best Building located at a business complex in Kanata, Ontario, which is a suburb of the Canadian capital Ottawa and also home to BlackBerry’s automotive division, QNX Software Systems.

    The 22,100-square-foot suite will be reportedly devoted to research and development, marking Apple’s first such facility in Canada. The leased space is located in the G. Best Building, whose owner, KRP Properties, describes the facility as a “full-floor office suite with executive boardroom, meeting rooms, several offices, server room, lunchroom, showers, private balconies and lab space.”

    In recent months, Apple has opened or planned new research facilities in Cambridge, England and Yokohama, Japan. In fiscal 2015, the company invested more than $8 billion in research and development, which represents a 34 percent annual increase.

    Source: OBJ
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