Tennesse Private School Makes iPad Compulsory for All Students

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 23, 2011.

By Maura on Jan 23, 2011 at 6:23 PM
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    Nearly a year on from the iPad’s launch and stories about the adoption of iPads in schools and colleges have become fairly standard, but this private school in Knoxville, Tennessee, takes the use of the iPad one step further, possibly a little too far, by actually insisting that all its pupils have an iPad. According to a report from Fast Company, the Webb School now requires that all students from 4th to 12th grades have their own iPad, starting from the next school year. And if a child doesn’t actually own an iPad, or have access to one? Well the school will then lease them one, via a three-year lease scheme costing approximately $200 a year, paid in monthly instalments.

    Making it compulsory for every student to have an iPad might seem a little controversial to say the least, but apparently even the school’s English teacher, Elli Shellist, is all in favour of the move to replace books with iPads at the school. “Once I explored it,†he told KSLA News , “I was really excited, because there are things we can do better on this than we can on a paper text.â€

    Source: Somewhere Apple Execs Are Smiling: iPads Are Now Mandatory at This Private School | Fast Company


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 23, 2011.

    1. Spink10
      The ipad must be the answer to our educational system. What a joke.
    2. Studor13

      If nothing else, the iPad will be a lot of fun to play with or learn from. Imagine sitting in in the back of the classroom with Angry Birds?

      Seriously though, I think it's a gaint leap for the educational system.
    3. Spink10
      Yup you hit it right on the head. A high school graduate who can master angry birds. :)
    4. BrennB
      My friend's granddaughter was/is required to bring a mac laptop to school (she was in the 3rd grade when this came down). She attends a public school in an affluent community albiet but public non the less... I am not sure the degree to which it was "required" and how much it is used but students were expected to obtain and bring these laptops to school daily not just use them at home for assignments.
    5. Dr.Gee
      Michigan had a proposal a few years back to publicly fund iPods for every student in the state.
    6. David79
      If the schools are going to force this, then the schools should be the ones biting the cost!
    7. col.bris
      Just curious is that all you do on your ipad play games? How long have you been an ipad user?
      Last edited: Jan 24, 2011
    8. col.bris
      These are private schools not uncommon to require students pay for computers usually they also have custom app on board that allows access to the schools system other than using browsers and or classroom sharing
    9. Spink10
      No - where did you get that idea from?

      Because you cannot control how a student uses the iPad during school it is a horrible idea. I think the iPad Is great tool. But not a tool for children while they are in the classroom. We already have people graduating from high school that know how to get to the final level of angry birds but could not carry an conversation with someone in real life. I personally believe the cons outweigh the pros when the ipad is in the classroom. My perceptive is looking at the forest not the individual trees. Some would not abuse it, however many would - overall bad idea IMHO

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