Apple might postpone iPad Mini 2 launch because of supply constraints

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    Earlier today we were sharing with you the news according to which the next generation iPad Mini and iPad 5 might sport iPhone-quality 8MP camera. But the most expected feature in the iPad Mini 2 is not the camera, but the Retina Display. Reuters now reports that Apple will not be able to widely roll out the next generation iPad Mini with the Retina Display this month, according to people who work in Apple’s supply chain.

    It seems that Apple's Asian suppliers have only recently started increasing the production of the next-gen iPad Mini’s Retina displays, which means tablet’s launch could be pushed back to 2014 in order to avoid serious supply shortages. However, if Apple will be forced to do so, it will miss t​​he very lucrative holiday shopping season, so my personal guess is that they will manage to find a solution.

    Apple’s display suppliers for the next-gen iPad Mini are believed to be LG Display, Samsung and Sharp. The production delay of iPad Mini 2 Retina Display panels might be caused by the fact that Apple has strict requirement with regards to the power-saving parameters of the units. One of the selling points of the iPad Mini is its great battery life, but the Retina Display panels are known to drain a lot of battery, so the display suppliers need to be very careful when producing the units for small form factor tablet.

    The same KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, said back in April that Apple would face issues with Retina panel production that could force Apple launch the iPad Mini in December.

    Source: Reuters


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