Retina Display for iPad Mini Production Close to 2012 Launch Levels

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    AppleInsider reports today that Apple’s partner suppliers have stepped up production of the new Retina displays for the second-gen iPad mini, with production levels apparently close to those seen during the mini’s launch last year. The news comes via market research company IHS iSuppli, which says that the iPad mini’s display production has reached a “similar” level to that of the first iPad mini’s non-Retina display in 2012. AppleInsider says that LG Display is thought to be the main supplier of the iPad mini’s Retina display, although it has been reported that Sharp will also be involved at a later date. AppleInsider also quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal that says that Apple may even bring Samsung in as a supplier in the near future, despite the two companies being such bitter rivals. It seems that ensuring that there are sufficient second-gen iPad minis to satisfy customer demand at launch is enough to make Apple put the rivalry to one side for now, possibly putting paid to recent rumours that Apple is trying to ditch Samsung as a supplier.

    Source: Production of next-gen iPad mini's Retina display reportedly near 2012 launch levels

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