Apple Maps to Undergo Complete Redesign “From the Ground Up”

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    Apple has today announced that it is in the process of completely rebuilding Apple Maps, writes TechCrunch. The new version has been built using first-party data obtained from iPhones and also from Apple’s own special fleet of cars that have been kitted out with sensors and cameras.

    The new maps are set to launch first in San Francisco, then in the Bay Area, via the next iOS 12 Beta, coming to the whole of Northern California by fall.

    The updated maps, which will eventually roll out all over the world, will respond more quickly to changes in roads and construction, and will also be more visually detailed, depending on the location, with more detailed ground cover, foliage, pools, pedestrian walkways, and so on.

    Four years of work have already gone into the new maps. Apple’s aim is to eventually no longer have to rely on third-party data for its maps, and instead use entirely its own data.

    Source: Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

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