Apple Maps Said to Start Showing Reviews from TripAdvisor and

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    Apple is always looking to improve its mapping application, but it still finds itself behind Google. However, as the company is constantly adding new features, this could prevent iOS users from using Google Maps and stick with the default Apple Maps solution.

    A new reason for that could be integrated hotel reviews, according to various reports from the online media. A recent update to Apple's in-house mapping service is said to start showing hotel reviews pulled from TripAdvisor and, alongside data sourced from Yelp.

    Right from the beginning, Apple Maps has relied just on Yelp to provide reviews for local search, but now it seems that Apple is looking to increase its database with even more results from TripAdvisor and, as well.

    Apple has recently acquired social navigation startup Spotsetter, and it might be using now its proprietary algorithms to recommend points of interest based on social network contacts.

    However, it needs to be pointed out that at the moment, neither TripAdvisor nor are listed as sources on the Maps attribution webpage, but results from these two hotel resources are already appearing in Maps search.

    Source: AppleInsider

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