Apple Launches Workshops to Help You Use Your Apple Watch

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    MacRumors reports that Apple has added a whole new range of workshops to its Apple Store program especially for Apple Watch owners.

    The new “Apple Watch Basics” workshops will begin on April 24 and will take place in Apple retail stores. Not all stores will be holding the workshops, however.

    The workshops will take place every 1.5 hours throughout the day, including Saturdays and Sundays. MacRumors says that some shops will even be opening longer so that more workshops can be packed into the day.

    Other Apple Watch workshops are also available in some Apple retail stores, with some stores listing a “Stay in Touch with Apple Watch” class.

    If you’d like to attend a workshop to learn all the basics about your new Apple Watch you can make an appointment starting from today. And if you’re someone who’s pre-ordered your watch but is still waiting for it on launch day due to supply constraints, you’ll still be okay to attend a workshop and learn all about your watch ready for its eventual arrival.


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