Apple Continues to Update and Improve iOS Maps

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    Apple’s own in-house Maps app certainly caught a lot of criticism when it replaced Google’s Maps app in iOS 6, most of it justifiable, but as Jim Dalrymple points out today in The Loop, Apple is making great strides towards updating and improving the app, and he does a great job of detailing all the work that Apple is doing to bring the app up to scratch. For example, a new update for the Japanese version of the app has just introduced improvements such as toll road notifications, updated icons for freeways, and the addition of 3D buildings, such as Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Tower. And that’s not all: as Dalrymple points out, Apple has added flyover support for many other cities recently, including Buffalo, NY, Tulsa, OK, and Minneapolis, MN. The 3D buildings in Standard view and Turn-by-turn navigation in such cities as Cologne, Germany, London, England, and Lyon, France, to name a few, have also been updated. Further improvements outlined in the article include the addition of local information for Apple Stores, businesses, cinemas, restaurants, airports and transit shops.[/FONT]

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    Apple?s Maps being updated often and significantly

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