Google releases updated iPad app, improves local search

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    Google has been very busy. Along with the YouTube app for the iPhone 5, the search giant also found the time to update its iPad app, adding some extra tweaks and improvements that users will find extremely useful. Not surprisingly, the new Google experience focuses on finding restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments in your area.
    Now, the app showcases a horizontal feed that you can swipe back and forth with ease. If you start looking for “Iranian restaurants†for example, the application will “scan†your location then it show you pictures of the restaurants pertaining to the category you are looking for.

    More than that, users of the app will find it useful that a Google map has been added to the restaurant’s section. It will pop-up once you select the particular place. If you are not sure where you should go dining, you can read some reviews that are also shown after you have tapped on a location. The app has been designed with the tablet experience in mind, so if you want more information, don’t be afraid to swipe until you find what you are looking for.

    Not sure what you you’re in the mood for today? You can search restaurants or clubs by specific geographical area. The option is situated on the upper right corner and will showcase a map. From there, it’s easy to spot the area you want to scan. The updated app is part of Google’s strategy of localizing user experience and is a much needed addition.

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