App Store Reaches Milestone of 500,000 Apps Approved Since Launch

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    [​IMG], and EA’s Chillingo have today launched a Facebook page called 500,000 Apps in celebration of Apple’s incredible feat of achieving the milestone of 500,000 apps approved in the App Store in the 34 months since its inception. The page has an amazing infographic with all sorts of fascinating facts, including a timeline of Apple’s approved apps, starting from the App Store launch date of July 10 2008. There’s also a chart showing the most popular paid apps of all time in the App Store, based on number of days at #1, which is unsurprisingly topped by Angry Birds, with a staggering 275 days in the top spot.

    Fortune’s Apple 2.0 blog reports that the much-heralded 500,000th app was approved by Apple just after midnight today, Tuesday May 24, although due to various factors such as app replacement and app withdrawal, and the occasional app removal, the actual number of apps available for download in the App Store is approximately 400,000.

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