There are now More Than 1M Apps in the US App Store

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    Back in October, this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple iTunes App Store was home to more than 1 million iOS apps globally. Now, according to new data coming from app discovery platform Appsfire, the U.S. iTunes App Store has topped the 1 million milestone. Appsfire has tweeted the following:

    A similar tracking company for Android apps says there are now more than 880,000 apps available for Google’s mobile platform, and there’s a high chance that it will finally manage to catch up with Apple.

    Since the App Store has opened in 2008 and until, Apple has approved a total of approximately 1,440,000 apps, according to data provided by MacRumors. More than half a million from the approved apps are available for Apple's iPad, and over 900,000 are available for the iPhone. Also, Apple paid an impressive number of more than $13 billion to App Store developers.

    Source: MacRumors

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