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Discussion in 'iPad for Health Forum' started by fuzzychicken, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I am not asking this question for doctor's office or something but more for myself.

    I have 2 chronic conditions where my healthiness with regards to these conditions fluctuates much quicker than the wind. I prefer to keep notes in Google Docs at the moment but it becomes rather difficult to search through at a times. Plus, I do not have data plan on my android phone so can not access it when I am out of wi-fi zone.

    I wonder if there is any iPad app that will do this job. It should also be possible to export the data from this app to regular formats like text or doc or excel etc. I tried They have a great platform but the data you enter can not be exported which is a great dealbreaker.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sep 11, 2011
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    If you are looking at simply listing your current medical conditions and medication lists, why not use the free app, Evernote?

    Evernote will allow you to free text and also email the note to your doctors office for them or you to print off to place in your medical record.

    If you need something a little bit more thorough, to include surgical dates, onset dates, medication management, glucose logs and dose measures...perhaps a word processing app will do the trick? I use the Pages app. With this, you can create graphs, blocks of cells, etc to make the format fit your needs.

    Hope that helps.

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