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Discussion in 'iPad for Health Forum' started by skimonkey, May 16, 2012.

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    Merck Manual: the Home Edition

    Hi Everybody,

    The Merck Manual: Home Edition is available now at the AppStore. This app looks like it would be a great trade off to my hard copy version of the Merck Manual I use at my clinic. What I liked about the actual book its detailed information on medical diagnoses and treatment regimes. It truly is a great reference to have both in home as well as in the clinical setting.

    Looking at the Merck Manual: Home Edition App--it looks like it will fit in my needs and lighten up what I carry out into the clinic when speaking to patients. I like the fact that this app shows detailed anatomical illustrations when providing patient education and/or informative referrals.


    The Merck Manual App can also be a very useful tool in the home setting. It can provide a quick reference to information of known medical conditions, injury, treatment and evidence based research . What is great is that you can email a certain page or section to your health care provider or family member to share the info with them. This is really a plus, because the pages in book form is quite thin and flimsy. So you really have to take care when turning pages.

    Because I have been a long time user of the Merck Manual in book form, I am pleased to see that there's an App for this great medical reference. Have a look and please let me know if any of you have this app already!

    Thank you,

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    Hi Carol - thanks for the post on the Merck Manual - used it in medical school in the late '60s and into my medical internship in the early '70s - not as necessary to me as a radiology resident but GREAT to see the publication available as an iPad app (amazing technology!) - now I went to the App Store and see that the 'Home Edition' is available for $10 - a great value for non-medical people interested in this book; however, the regular edition is $35 which would probably be more 'up my alley' - now as a retired physician, do I need it on my iPad? Not sure but you have certainly piqued my interest - will consider! BUT let me know 'how detailed' that home edition may be - might be enough for my wife & I at this point in our lives - thanks, as always - Dave :)

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