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    Let me start by saying I know virtually nothing about an Ipad. I received an Iphone 4 as a gift a few months ago and still am trying to figure out all it can do. I know I can receive my AOL e-mails on my phone. I downloaded an app for AOL but I can not get all the AOL features on the phone. I will be purchasing an Ipad in the next month. Will I be able to get the same AOL screen/features (such as "Favorites") on the Ipad as I do on my PC?

    I also will need a good app for word processing. I found a thread that recommended "Pages" as a good one. Any thougths on this? If I use this will I be able to cut and paste documents into e-mails ( I will be traveling where internet connection is expensive and want to be able to compose off-line). Is there any way on the Ipad to download e-mails and read off-line?

    Last stupid question -- for anyone who does alot of word processing, is it worth it to buy a bluetooth keyboad for the Ipad?

    Thanks for the input from a complete Ipad/Iphone newbie.

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